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Slashed Tires’ Stop-Animation Music Video “Maybe” Premieres Today

September 25, 2020:

Seattle-based deconstructed funk act Slashed Tires has released a new music video for Maybe, off their debut album Don't Party (a joint project from Cruisin and Seattle-based label Off Tempo.)

Describing the track, Slashed Tires musician Kenneth M. Piekarski says, “This past winter there were three great students from Bennington College who visited Seattle for an internship with my best friend and animation filmmaker, Clyde Petersen. It was a real treat to get to know them and in-between working on a film for Clyde, they wanted to make an animated Slashed Tires music video. Clyde was like, “what’s the shortest song on the album?” and I said, “this one—and it’s real simple too!” They would pepper me with sneak previews of my puppet avatar and teasing me with how good the video looked.

When my album release concert happened in January, they had the chance to see me perform live, which appears to be replicated with total accuracy in this music video. This was a total surprise. They worked so hard on this thing and I love it so much—I’m so grateful that they wanted to do it at all. A fun little fact about this music video is that it features a cameo of same exact Casio SK-1 from Clyde’s award-winning film Torrey Pines.”

Danny Denial’s Music Video “Scorpio Eyes” Premieres on Nada Mucho

August 27, 2020:

The second music video off Danny’s June album fuck danny denial premieres today on Seattle’s excellent local music blog Nada Mucho. Writer and artist Marcus Shriver gave a short interview with Danny, revealing details of the DIY filming experience during the pandemic, and why it fits perfectly as the fourth track on the album.

“Scorpio Eyes” is a collaboration with Seattle artist Rave Holly and New York producer Bibz. The song is a sonic exploration into beats, loops, and samples while employing moody sound bytes from Gregg Araki's 1990 zero-budget cult classic “Totally Fucked Up” to paint a picture of a cloudy queer love story between two broken hearts. The music video, shot by Rajah Makonnen who also directed Dark Smith's "Waiting", is part six in a series of seven visuals for fuck danny denial.

Cruisin Records presents: fuck danny denial, new music by Seattle artist Danny Denial

June 12, 2020:

Danny Denial, also known for his work in Seattle band Dark Smith, is a solo artist and filmmaker included in Status Magazine’s "POC of the Queer Punk & Alternative Scene to Watch" and in Afropunk’s "8 Punkest Bands on the Planet Right Now". After two full-length alternative rock records, Goodbye (2017) and Dead Like Me (2018), Denial set out to explore new themes and sounds for his third LP, fuck danny denial to create an ever-shifting genre-curious collection of songs that tell a story in broad strokes.

fuck danny denial charts a yearlong exploration of highs/lows, power/rejection, and euphoria/dysphoria, with the common theme being extremes – how self-perception can lead to narcissism and confusion in a way that's both manic and depressive. The record is a 10-song LP with special appearances by Seattle artists DoNormaal, Eva Walker from The Black Tones, Rat Queen, and Razor Clam.

fuck danny denial is out June 12th on LP, CD and digital platforms.

Slashed Tires Releases Music Video for “Hair Flip”

May 15, 2020:

“Hair Flip” is the first music video off deconstructed funk act Slashed Tires’ debut album Don’t Party. Describing the track, Slashed Tires musician Kenneth M. Piekarski says, “Sometimes when I begin creating a song, I attempt to make a smooth jammer with soft directives with meaningful intent. It’s pretty often that I have Sade in mind in my approach and I like to think of “Hair Flip” as a song that started out in a slower tempo but very quickly got out of hand.

The lyrics are a collection of flimflam advice I have received from people about pursuing romantic interests, usually around the premise of conveying confidence. “You just need to be confident!” or “You didn’t seem confident...” and at one point I thought of just yelling word “confidence!” into a room to see if people would pile onto me. Turns out what I actually needed was to talk out my problems with a professional and live in a small town for two years.

The music video was filmed at music distributor The Business in Anacortes, Washington.

Danny Denial Releases Music Video for “Everything is Terrible”

March 5, 2020:

The music video for the first single off Danny’s upcoming album fuck danny denial premiered on Seattle’s alt-music-championing radio station 107.7 The End. Danny was also present in-studio during the Locals Only show a few weeks ago to premiere the single.

“Everything is Terrible” was written after Denial found himself stranded in London during a small tour last year, and later recorded at Pierced Ears Recordings in Seattle. He describes the song as somewhat of a return to form of his earlier garage-driven fuzz-pop sound, with several Seattle music-scene staples contributing to the track. (Jeff Tapia of Rat Queen plays lead guitar, Ernie Fuglevand of Slow Elk plays bass, Natasha Lumba of Razor Clam plays synth, and Nozomi Momo of Dark Smith plays drums, with backing vocals by Eva Walker of The Black Tones. Production by Aaron C. Schroeder.)

Cruisin Fest

April 8, 2020:

Cruisin Records presents Cruisin Fest, an online festival of performances on Saturday to benefit the COVID-19 fund for LGBTQI+ BIPOC Folks. Tune in on our Facebook and Instagram to see performances by...

5pm (8pm EST) - Nana Grizol
5:25pm (8:25pm EST) - Loamlands
5:50pm - Danny Denial
6:15pm - Lonesome Leash
6:40pm - Holodeck Heart (Angeline solo set)
7:00pm - Slashed Tires
7:25pm - ManDate
7:50pm - Jordan O'Jordan
8:15pm - LAL

Tune in here!


Upcoming Winter 2020 Releases

January 17, 2020:

Don’t Party, the much anticipated debut album from recording engineer and musician Kenneth M. Piekarski's solo act Slashed Tires, is a deep dive into one’s inner monologue and the unfulfilled promise of a night out.

Using deconstructed funk, pounding drum machines, and New Wave and No Wave horns alike, Piekarski dives deep into the unease and anxiety of social interactions, community drama, and paranoia. Inspired by iconoclasts like Arthur Russell, Sade, and Prince, he has turned the party soundtrack inside-out to capture the moods and feelings bubbling underneath – anticipation, elation, and the inevitable, bleary-eyed cleanup.

Don't Party is now available for pre-order with a limited quantity of clear vinyl as a mailorder exclusive.


February 7, 2020

DARK BEINGS, the 6th album from the electronic duo LAL, Toronto’s mix of immigrant Barbadian, West-Indian, Straight cis Blackman nerd meets Brampton/ Bangladeshi Queer weirdo, aka Nic and Rose.

The concept for this album was initially rooted in notions borrowed from new thinking in diasporic futurities, anticipating a new horizon for LAL’s community of racialized, Queer, Trans, mad, crip and marginalized peoples in a planet beyond ours. ‘In our madness, our sorrow, our joy, our resilience, we escape into timeliness and multiple dimensions that allow us to transcend, beyond our words, our thoughts, our bodies. Transcending, that’s what we’ve been doing’ Dark Beings, is about this experience.