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Cruisin Fest

April 8, 2020:

Cruisin Records presents Cruisin Fest, an online festival of performances on Saturday to benefit the COVID-19 fund for LGBTQI+ BIPOC Folks. Tune in on our Facebook and Instagram to see performances by...

5pm (8pm EST) - Nana Grizol
5:25pm (8:25pm EST) - Loamlands
5:50pm - Danny Denial
6:15pm - Lonesome Leash
6:40pm - Holodeck Heart (Angeline solo set)
7:00pm - Slashed Tires
7:25pm - ManDate
7:50pm - Jordan O'Jordan
8:15pm - LAL

Tune in here!


Upcoming Winter 2020 Releases

January 17, 2020:

Don’t Party, the much anticipated debut album from recording engineer and musician Kenneth M. Piekarski's solo act Slashed Tires, is a deep dive into one’s inner monologue and the unfulfilled promise of a night out.

Using deconstructed funk, pounding drum machines, and New Wave and No Wave horns alike, Piekarski dives deep into the unease and anxiety of social interactions, community drama, and paranoia. Inspired by iconoclasts like Arthur Russell, Sade, and Prince, he has turned the party soundtrack inside-out to capture the moods and feelings bubbling underneath – anticipation, elation, and the inevitable, bleary-eyed cleanup.

Don't Party is now available for pre-order with a limited quantity of clear vinyl as a mailorder exclusive.


February 7, 2020

DARK BEINGS, the 6th album from the electronic duo LAL, Toronto’s mix of immigrant Barbadian, West-Indian, Straight cis Blackman nerd meets Brampton/ Bangladeshi Queer weirdo, aka Nic and Rose.

The concept for this album was initially rooted in notions borrowed from new thinking in diasporic futurities, anticipating a new horizon for LAL’s community of racialized, Queer, Trans, mad, crip and marginalized peoples in a planet beyond ours. ‘In our madness, our sorrow, our joy, our resilience, we escape into timeliness and multiple dimensions that allow us to transcend, beyond our words, our thoughts, our bodies. Transcending, that’s what we’ve been doing’ Dark Beings, is about this experience.