Cruisin Records is a queer record label. Founded in 2018 by musicians Theo Hilton and Clyde Petersen, this endeavor emerged from long conversations about how to support some of the amazing musicians we have met over years of touring and bringing our own albums into the world. We realized that we had some knowledge to share about how to make it work. We longed for more explicitly queer platforms for artists to share attention and resources. In time, we hope to use Cruisin as a platform to organize events and intentional queer spaces.


Clyde Petersen is a transgender artist, working in film, animation, music, installation and fabulous spectacle. They travel the world with their bands, Your Heart Breaks and ManDate. Clyde helps run the Woodland Theater, an all-ages venue in Seattle, Washington. You can find out more about Clyde here.

Theo Hilton is co-founder of Cruisin Records. Originally from Athens, GA, Theo lives in New Orleans. Over years of touring with the bands Nana Grizol and Defiance, Ohio, Theo developed a deep appreciation for spaces of queer visibility in DIY art and music. Through conversations with Clyde Peterson about how to foster queer family and support artists in the DIY scene, Cruisin Records was born. Theo hopes to keep working with great folks to put out music, and perhaps one day hold events or even a festival in around New Orleans and/or Seattle. Theo is also a housing justice activist and PhD student of cultural anthropology at Tulane University, where he studies Federal historic preservation projects and land ownership along the Mississippi River.