Artist Bio:

Bijoux conjures the carefree opulence of the ‘70s & ‘80s in their iteration of infectious disco. Channeling the diamantine, deep-cut elegance of the past, Bijoux’s players share a history rich in theatricality. A pillar of Seattle’s Capitol Hill nightlife, Adé A Cônnére has been involved in the local theater and cabaret scene for years. Jayson Kochan is likewise no stranger to the stage, performing as the solo musical act Airport for over a decade, as well as touring with psych-rock shamans Midday Veil, and most recently with the electronic post-punk rocker foursome DYED. Drawing influence from early electronic disco nonpareils such as Giorgio Moroder, Pet Shop Boys, and Cerrone, Bijoux brings a new wave of chic, sex, and glamour to the Seattle stage.



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Credit: Debora Spencer
Credit: Debora Spencer