Holodeck Heart


Holodeck Heart is a Seattle and Portland based Indie-Queer-Star-Trek-Fan-Fiction Band led by the Queer/Trans dou Angeline (Fear Kittens, Vegan Seagull) and Korel Ponti-Foss (The Waltz Invention, Lesbian Lover Duo aka BiSexual Boyfriend). Formed officially in 2014, HH started out of a friendship and mutual love of watching Star Trek to get through the deep anxiety and depression of the Bush era. Though HH writes love songs based in the Star Trek Universe, the songs are accessible to the Trek lover and non-Trekkie alike (though some have been known to start watching after a show!), Holodeck Heart believes that Star Trek offers a unique venue to explore queer love and politics in a nostalgic and comedic way. In addition to house shows, Holodeck Heart had the honor of performing in the much beloved Boating with Clyde Art Tent at Bumbershoot and can be found on mini-tours throughout the Pacific Northwest.