Loamlands is a band born out of fear. Fear of fear of forgetting roots, losing family and fear of never playing music again. Fear of ‘making it’ and ‘not making it.’ There’s a growth edge where we meet fear, a truly fertile ground made up of decay and detritus from years of people and projects past that can bury us or feed us. This is where Kym Register is motivated to make art.

‘Lez Dance’ is a true coming out story. Most songs are bare bones, featuring Register’s voice first and foremost. Gritty textures weave in and out of the storytelling songs, sometimes recognizable and to the front and sometimes as a landscape or world for the story to live in. There is no rock band nest to sing from. Tempos and song structures vary are not prescribed to rhythm sections or click tracks. This is a raw yet intentional first flight.

Loamlands’ sophomore full length release could be considered a solo record, if a solo record means a collaboration of friends that play cello, trumpet, and pedal steel. Recorded in the summer of 2018 by Kris Hilbert at Greensboro’s Legitimate Business (Solar Halos / The Body / The Love Language) and mastered by Mell Dettmer (SunO)) / Earth), ‘Lez Dance’ is a genre bending record musically and a gender bending record lyrically. It may seem like a response to ‘Sweet High Rise,’ but Register prefers to think of it as a compliment. To them, “songwriting is storytelling. And there are so many different ways to tell the same story.”

Registers writing is still queer centric and very personal. Below are a few words to outline the stories of each tune. They sincerely hope you find a way to dance to them.