Tracy + the Plastics

Artist Bio:

Wynne Greenwood is a video artist and song-maker who also often brings those things together with objects, installation, and performance. Her practice grows from making dialogues with versions of self and the worlds those versions live in/are of. From 1999 - 2006, Greenwood created and performed the multimedia art-band Tracy + the Plastics. Tracy + the Plastics blurred distinctions between the contemporary art and music worlds, crossing venues and contexts from house shows to art institutions. Upon ending the project, Greenwood shifted her focus to installation and object-based work. She has recently returned to making music and videos w/ soundtracks. Her work has been included in exhibitions at a variety of spaces including the New Museum, NYC; the Cooley Gallery, Reed College, Portland; Fanta Spazio, Milan; Crush Repeat, Seattle; the Whitney Biennial, NYC; The Kitchen, NYC; Susanne Vielmetter Los Angeles Projects, LA; the Henry Art Gallery, University of Washington, Seattle; and Soloway, Brooklyn. Her work is represented by Fourteen30 Contemporary, Portland, OR.

Tracy + the Plastics:

Tracy + the Plastics was a queer feminist video art band made and performed by Seattle artist Wynne Greenwood from 1999 - 2006. Tracy + the Plastics was a project about queer self-making. As Tracy + the Plastics, Greenwood took the forms of all three band members, live on stage and in prerecorded video projections. She sang live as Tracy while interacting with the other band members (Greenwood as Nikki, the keyboard player, and Cola, the drummer) on the video screen behind her. Taking the stage as part video, part live performance, Tracy + the Plastics blurred distinctions between high art and pop music.

Greenwood started performing Tracy + the Plastics in 1999, playing shows in basements, living rooms and punk clubs in the Pacific Northwest. As the project continued, the spaces the band performed in expanded to include art galleries and museums. Tracy + the Plastics was invited to perform in the 2004 Whitney Biennial. In 2005, Greenwood (as Tracy + the Plastics) collaborated with sculptor Fawn Krieger to make ROOM, a performance and installation w/ a constructed stage and audience seating at the Kitchen, in NYC. Tracy + the Plastics ended in 2006. In 2014, Greenwood began creating new documentation of the band’s original performances. This archive of new documentation was supported through exhibitions and residencies at The Henry Art Gallery, The Cooley Gallery, and The New Museum.

Thoughts on reissuing Tracy + the Plastics’ catalog:

I’m so excited to reissue the Tracy + the Plastics catalog with Cruisin’ Records. Tracy + the Plastics was a life-altering project for me. With Tracy + the Plastics, I made a world. And through that world, I found art-making as self-making, queer networks, and underground economy. I imagined and practiced different ways of living and making art. As I celebrate and share these records, I also honor these ways of art-making that I learned from the communities Tracy + the Plastics was, and is, part of.

To everybody who was there for Tracy’s first go-around, thank you! Thank you for being part of that world. To anyone finding this project for the first time, what’s the art you want to make? Make it!



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Credit: Jenny Riffle
Credit: Jenny Riffle
Credit: Jenny Riffle