Wynne Greenwood

Artist Bio:

Wynne Greenwood is a video artist and song-maker who also often brings those things together with objects, installation, and performance. Her practice grows from making dialogues with versions of self and the worlds those versions live in/are of. From 1999 - 2006, Wynne created and performed the multimedia art-band Tracy + the Plastics. Tracy + the Plastics blurred distinctions between the contemporary art and music worlds, crossing venues and contexts from house shows to art institutions. Upon ending the project, Wynne shifted her focus to installation and object-based work. She has recently returned to making music and videos w/ soundtracks. Wynne is also a teacher who currently offers independent workshops on video and performance.

About Distant Dream:

Wynne Greenwood teams up with guitarist Coley Mixan and drummer Ruth Keating Lockwood on this new single about grieving and dreaming. A floaty cloud you can almost hold, a portal to another realm. This marks Greenwood’s first new release in almost a decade, after her 2012 album “A Fire to Keep You Warm.” Before that, Greenwood created Tracy + the Plastics, a video art band about queer self-making.